I hired Jadzia for Tarot readings at my Clue Halloween Party – she was the perfect addition! Almost everyone who attended sat with her at some point during the evening and came away excited about their readings. They all mentioned how pleasant and knowledgeable she was. Her gypsy attire looked great, but more important her patience and professionalism were sincerely appreciated. At times it got a bit noisy in the area that I had set up for her, yet she remained calm and focused on the person she was meeting with. I would hire her again in an instant!

Cindy – Clue Halloween Party


Just hired Jadzia to read Tarot at my Halloween party this past weekend.  She did a fantastic job and everyone was stunned at the accuracy of her readings.  She has a very calm way about her and was a pleasure to have at my party. I would hire her again in an instant.  I also loved the fact that she came dressed in gypsy attire which only added to the appeal and theme of the party.

Nicole – Tarot Party


Recently went to Jadzia for a reading. I know a lot about tarot, which I let her know up front. We worked together to get to the heart of my questions and the meaning of the cards – doing a number of different layouts. The reading was very much on target and the same cards kept popping up in positions that reaffirmed the message. She gave me a choice of decks so that I identified with the imagery. She knows the meanings of the cards well and seemed to be intuitive. She has a calm and peaceful energy. She is quiet and listens to you carefully before she answers.

Katie – Tarot Reading


I enjoyed the class and it was much more interesting and informative than I thought it would be. It will be very useful in my daily life.”
Tracy – Intermediate Tarot Class


I liked that Jadzia was completely well versed in tarot meanings – history, cards, spreads. Class atmostphere was relaxed while knowledge was very thorough.”
Amy – Discovering Tarot Class


Comfortable presentation style, you convey information well.”
Jay – Discovering Tarot Class


I’d been wanting to know more about these cards for years, but all the books seemed impenetrable. This system works.”
Nye – Discovering Tarot Class


I really liked that we did a 7-card reading for the week. This (and the personal Celtic Cross reading) really allowed for us to share interpretations about single cards and the cards in relation to one another in the spreads. Very helpful.”
Matt – Intermediate Tarot Class


I liked the comfort, the conversation and fluid energy between us, the flow of the class as far as learning card by card and the progression from 1-10 (in the minor arcana).”
Jo – Discovering Tarot Class