Jadzia’s approach to the Tarot is positive and practical. During a reading she focuses on the opportunities and potentials that are ahead for her client. She points out your strengths, and advantages that will help you to overcome your fears and uncertainties. Even when you are going through a rough part of life she explores what this cycle is about, why you are experiencing it, and what this life lesson is that can be turned into a powerful tool for personal growth.

Her personal definition of divination is: “using special or intentional tools to focus our own intuitive energy to draw out information and answers hidden inside of ourselves”. Tarot is a tool for self discovery and growth. The cards create a reflection of your situation and circumstances, giving you a metaphorical “mirror”. Through this mirroring, you will have the ability to delve deeper within yourself to gain understanding to help you make appropriate choices.

Basic Reading

This reading addresses one situation that is an area of interest for you. We look at your situation from several different views allowing us to consider all aspects of your current circumstances.The Basic Reading is used for gaining quick insight and understanding, focused on one question. This reading is approximately 30 minutes. See Rates Below.

Full Reading

The Full Reading focuses on your overall situation and circumstance. This usually involves a series of layouts to address your overall life path on a spiritual as well as on the mundane level. This full hour reading delves into the multifaceted nature of your circumstances, as we realize that one decision often affects other parts of our lives. See Rates Below.

E-mail Readings

If you are outside of the Portland, Oregon area, or just really busy, Jadzia is available for e-mail readings and consultations. With this option you can e-mail your question or situation you’d like a reading on. Then Jadzia will e-mail you the results of your reading with full descriptions and interpretations of the Tarot cards. After that you are welcome to e-mail her with any questions or comments that you may have. Jadzia offers only the Full Reading option for e-mail consultations.

Gift Certificates Available

Give the gift of Tarot! Gift certificates can be purchased for Tarot readings, classes, workshops, and more.  Please email for a custom amount. Gift certificates can be sent by email or mailed to the recipient.

Consultation Rates and Gift Certificates

  • Basic Reading: $40.00
  • Full Reading: $70.00
  • Phone Reading: $70.00
  • Email Reading: $70.00
  • Gift Certificates: $40.00 minimum


Payment is accepted via Paypal, send the full amount to In person, cash, check, and credit cards are acceptable.

Services Agreement: You will be remitting payment as a “Service”, not “Goods.” You’re not paying Jadzia for a product. You’re paying for her knowledge, experience, insights, foresights, and time. When you order a reading, you are receiving a customized, personalized service, not any ordinary product. Because of this, refunds are not issued.