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All classes are 6 week series. They are available in Oregon City as group classes or private lessons. Each class session meets once a week for two hours (one hour for private lessons). See the Class Registration link for upcoming class dates or contact me for more information. Payment options are available if needed.

Class Tuition:

  • Discovering Tarot I- $130.00
  • Discovering Tarot II – $130.00
  • Intermediate Tarot: $130.00
  • Advanced Tarot: 130.00
  • Tarot Reversals: $130.00

Discovering Tarot I

Jadzia offers a series of Tarot classes for all levels on an individual and group basis. Discovering Tarot I, is the first class of this series. It goes over all of the basics that will get you well on your way to becoming a proficient Tarot reader. The class subjects include:

  • Tarot History Overview
  • The Minor Arcana
  • Numerology in Tarot
  • The Four Suits: Wands, Cups, Swords, and Pentacles
  • The Elements in Tarot: Fire, Water, Air, and Earth
  • The Fool’s Journey
  • Major Arcana Meanings and Symbolism
  • The Court Cards
  • Basic Card Layouts
  • Introductory Reading Skills: Telling Stories

Discovering Tarot II

This is the second class of this series and is designed to get more in depth with what was learned in the Discovering Tarot I class. The class subjects include:

  • Expanding on the Minor Arcana
  • Waite vs. Thoth vs. Marseille Tarot
  • In Depth Major Arcana Meanings
  • Introductory Reading Skills: Context and Questions
  • The Tarot Journal
  • Intro to the Celtic Cross Spread
  • Court Cards as Personalities and Situations
  • Readings for Yourself and Others

Intermediate Tarot Class

Intermediate Tarot expands on what you’ve learned in Discovering Tarot I and II. This class is also open to those of you who have acquired a basic understanding of the cards on your own. Many of you have read Tarot books and found that most of them are for beginners. If you feel that you are no longer a beginner but don’t know what the next step is, Intermediate Tarot can provide that piece of your journey. This class focuses on:

  • The Celtic Cross Spread
  • Reading Card Combinations
  • Looking at Elements and Numerology in a Reading
  • Intermediate Tarot Reading Skills and Techniques
  • Tarot and Ethics
  • Telling Time with the Tarot
  • Reading Practice for Yourself and Others
  • Using Significators
  • More Spreads for Your Toolkit

Advanced Tarot Class

This is the most advanced class offered on Tarot in this series. In this class we will be creating all twenty-two of the Major Arcana cards. This class also includes these topics:

  • The Major Arcana and Astrology
  • Divination Combinations: Tarot, Pendulum, Astrology, and Numerology
  • Professional Reading Skills and Techniques
  • Court Cards and Astrology
  • Tarot and Psychology
  • Creating Tarot Layouts

Tarot Reversals Class

This class focuses on card reversals, or how to read upside-down cards. It can be taken at any time after the completion of Discovering Tarot I and II. During this class you will gain an understanding of what to do when you encounter upside-down cards. We  explore a variety of possible ways to look at reversed cards, giving you the ability to choose which suits your style best. Tarot Reversals covers:

  • Tarot Reversals Theory and Application
  • The Minor Arcana Reversed
  • The Court Cards Reversed
  • The Major Arcana Reversed