Theme: Beginning
Astrological Correspondence: Uranus – Radical Thoughts, New Ideas
Indications: Beginning a journey, taking a leap of faith, innocence, faith, purity, divinity.


Theme: Creation
Astrological Correspondence: Mercury – Communication, Thought, Messanger
Indications: Having all of the tools you need to create your own reality, weilding power, balance, harmony, creativity, connection to heaven and earth.


Theme: Intuition
Astrological Correspondence: Moon – Intuition, Feminine, Hidden
Indications: Seeking wisdom, hidden knowledge, feminine power and authority, balance, intuition, looking beneath the surface, exploring your own depths, the moon goddess.


Theme: Abundance
Astrological Correspondence: Venus – Love, Feminine, Harvest
Indications: Mother Earth, abundance, richness, femininity, physical pleasure, protection, healing, heart, the goddess on earth.


Theme: Authority
Astrological Correspondence: Aries – The Ram, Fire, Masuculine
Indications: Power and authority, reason, logic, the ruler, masculinity, responsibility, the god on earth.


Theme: Order
Astrological Correspondence: Taurus – The Bull, Willpower, Logic
Indications: Organizations, groups, laws and rules, conventional thinking, leader of the people, spiritual teacher, seeking spiritual enlightenment, god’s laws on earth.


Theme: Choice
Astrological Correspondence: Gemini – The Twins, Communication, Duality
Indications: Balance of masculine and feminine energy, being at a cross roads, having to make a choice, connection to the divine through the intuition and feminine, (can literally mean a love affair).


Theme: Will Power
Astrological Correspondence: Cancer – The Crab, Emotion, Protection
Indications: Balance and control, foresight, intuition working with logic, goals, driving force in a specific direction, energy, will power, determination, a journey.


Theme: Inner Strength
Astrological Correspondence: Leo – The Lion, Passion, Pride
Indications: Taming of your wilder side, showing inner strength, compassion and love, balancing of the primal and domesticated energies.


Theme: Seeking
Astrological Correspondence: Virgo – The Virgin, Purity, Solitary
Indications: Seeking spiritual guidence, an inward journey toward enlightenment, internal and personal connection with the divine.


Theme: Fate
Astrological Correspondence: Jupiter – Fortune, Luck, Expansion
Indications: Turning our attention to the world at large, fate, karma, good fortune, the wheel of life, change, external view of the world and what our roll is as individuals.


Theme: Justice
Astrological Correspondence: Libra – Balance, Intellect, Truth
Indications: Karmic balancing, seeking the truth, being on the right path, coming to terms with the past, fairness, (sometimes indicates couts, law and legal actions).


Theme: Sacrifice
Astrological Correspondence: Neptune – Idealism, Trancendance, Illusion
Indications: Letting go of the past, self sacrifice is required to move forward, gaining a new perspecive, a spiritual experience, a time of resting and inaction.


Theme: Transformation
Astrological Correspondence: Scorpio – The Scorpion, Underworld, Mystery
Indications: Death and rebirth, sudden change in the situation, sprititual change and growth, letting go of the past and bringing in a new beginning.


Theme: Balance
Astrological Correspondence: Sagittarius – The Centaur, Spiritual Depth
Indications: Balance of mental and emotion energy, harmony, flow, blending to find the perfect mixture, alchemy, on the path to enlightenment.


Theme: Materialism
Astrological Correspondence: Capricorn – The Goat, Restriction, Lessons
Indications: Confronation with the dark side of ourself, finding our weaknesses and faults, holding onto false security, too concerned with earthly matters, neglection of spiritual awarness.


Theme: Destruction
Astrological Correspondence: Mars – Fire, War, Masculine
Indications: Tearing down of false securities, divine intervention, forced out of comfort and lethargy, a wake up call from the universe, time for clearing out the old, starting over with what is important.


Theme: Hope
Astrological Correspondence: Aquarius – The Water Bearer, Overcoming
Indications: Hope, putting faith in the universe and the divine, asking for guidance, looking outside of yourself for answers, contemplation, insight.


Theme: Illusion
Astrological Correspondence: Pisces – Illusion, Intuition, Lunatic
Indications: The Underworld, night, not being able to see everything clearly in the situation, self deception, having to turn inward for guidance, trusting dreams and intuition.


Theme: Clarity
Astrological Correspondence: Sun – Light, Illumination, Energy
Indications: Being able to see the situation clearly, youthful energy, joy, celebration, enlightenment, a breakthrough, pure happiness, good fortune.


Theme: Rebirth
Astrological Correspondence: Pluto – Underworld, Summoning, Release
Indications: Being called back to the divine, rebirth into a new phase, clarity and foresight, your journey is almost over.


Theme: Perfection
Astrological Correspondence: Saturn – Restriction, Responsibility
Indications: The end of a cycle, gaining new responsibility, lesson’s learned, rewards earned, unison of masculine and feminine, balance and harmony of the elements, sucess, time for a new adventure.