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Private sessions available in SE Portland, Oregon.

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Learn the art of Tarot! Local and online classes.

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Tarot Readings

Jadzia offers various professional Tarot reading options. There is the Basic Reading which is about half an hour and covers one question. The In Depth Reading is a full hour and is ideal for several questions. Email and Phone Readings are available for those outside of Portland or with busy schedules.

The three big questions, almost always asked, are love, career, and life changes.

Tarot Readings…

Tarot Classes

If you want to learn about Tarot, and how to read for yourself or for others, take a look at the Discovering Tarot classes. For those who already know a little about Tarot reading Jadzia offers Intermediate Tarot and Advanced Tarot classes. These are available in Portland, Oregon or as self-paced online courses.

To find out when the next Tarot and Astrology classes start see the Calendar page or just contact me.

Tarot Classes…

Astrology Classes

Tarot and Astrology are actually more closely related than people would think. There is a lot of Astrology in Tarot decks, interpretation and learning. Astrology is also a great way to learn more about yourself, why you are the way you are, and how to work with yourself. This basic Astrology class focuses on your Birth Chart. It is truly a get to Know Thyself course!

To find out when the next Tarot and Astrology classes start see the Calendar page or just contact me.

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Tarot at Parties and Events

Add the mystique of divination to your next gathering! Readings are fun! They give your guests something to do that is both interesting and entertaining.

Jadzia is available to provide readings at your party or event in Portland, Oregon and the surrounding areas. To find out more please visit her official tarot events website PortlandFortuneTellers.com

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Jadzia In The Media

Jadzia has had the privilege of being on KATU’s AM Northwest a couple of times. Check out the video link of this fun, televised experience! Live Tarot Card Reading for Helen and Dave.

Interested in having your cards read live? Or an interview? Contact Jadzia and let her know what you have in mind!

She’s been reading Tarot for nearly a decade and loves to talk about it. She is also the co-author of the Tarot Learning Cards.

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Tarot By Jadzia

Jadzia DeForest is a professional Tarot reader and she offers private readings, classes and workshops in South East Portland, Oregon. If you are located out of the Portland area, in depth email and phone readings are an option. Contact Jadzia if you are interested in Tarot instruction, Tarot readings, or readings at parties and events.

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